Purchasing Prints Online

Photographs on this site are available for sale as signed and numbered matted prints in limited runs of 150 for each image. Each is individually printed by the artist using Ultrachrome inks on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper.

Prints are available in three nominal sizes, 16x20 inches, 12x16 inches, and 8x10 inches.

Note that the actual dimensions of each print are dependent on the aspect ratio of the sensor in the camera it was taken with. For example, the sensor in the Dimage D7 and A1 has an aspect ratio of 4:3, therefore the dimensions of prints made of images from these cameras are 15x20 inches, 12x16 inches, and 7.5x10 inches. The prints from the Sony Alpha 100, with an aspect ratio of 3:2, have sizes of 13 1/3x20 inches, 10 2/3x16 inches, and 6 2/3x10 inches.

All prints are mounted and matted by hand using archival (acid-free) materials. The mats are flat black with a black core. The outside dimensions of each mat match standard frame sizes (see table below).

Special sizes are available on request please email me with your request.

To order, please select the image(s) you want and send me an email. I will confirm that the series has not yet been closed out for the image(s) and begin your order. You can send me a check once I send the confirmation.

Prices for all prints, including packaging and shipping, are in US Dollars as indicated in the table below. If you buy multiple prints, the price may be lower if I can combine images together and lower the shipping cost.

Nominal Size Actual Size (Dimage) Actual Size (Sony A100) Actual Size (FZ28) Mat Outside Dimensions Price
16x20 15x20 13 1/3x20 15x20 20x24 $120
12x16 12x16 10 2/3X16 12x16 16x20 $80
8x10 7.5x10 6 2/3x10 7.5x10 12x16 $60

Purchasing Prints at the Shows

You can save money by buying prints at the art shows I exhibit at (see Events). Each print is approximately $20 dollars less expensive if I don't have to package and ship it.

I don't take everything on this site to the shows - so if you are interested in buying anything this way, please send me an email and I'll bring along whatever you're interested in. Or just stop by at the show to see what's new!

Jim Somers


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